Renaissance College - An independent high school situated in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.

Renaissance Learning Centre
Educating Future Leaders

Renaissance Learning Centre, previously Renaissance College, is an independent high school situated in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.

Our Vision

To prepare our students to be the leaders of the future – creative, innovative and entrepreneurial.
We see a dynamic future for all students who believe that their success should not be restricted by the education system, but sculpted by their own passions and interests.

Our Mission

  • To provide an educational environment suitable to each student’s learning strengths
  • To offer students the opportunity to develop to their full potential
  • To provide educators whose desire it is to nurture the individual capabilities of each student
  • To provide a relaxed, creative educational environment
  • To facilitate the development of creative entrepreneurs, capable of driving the economy of the future
  • To allow our students to flourish and excel in their own individual Genius
  • To allow an individual’s abilities, enthusiasm, interests and passions to determine his/her path and progress

A Successful Achiever

At Renaissance Learning Centre we want to prepare our students for their future as holistically as possible. Our focus will not be just on getting them to pass through a series of academic years with the aim of achieving on exams. Rather we want them to see a purpose and value in the material they are learning. Their learning must have immediate value and relevance to them and to their future. Skill development and the importance of those skills will be the focus of our staff.

Our students are the future leaders of our country and we want them to be fully equipped to take their place alongside the current leaders. To achieve this we will facilitate mentor programmes with successful people across a diverse spectrum of careers.

  • A Quality Producer
  • An Independent Learner
  • A Creative Thinker
  • A Critical Thinker
  • An Information Manager
  • A Co-operative Learner
  • An Effective Communicator
  • A Confident Leader
  • A Time Manager
  • A Self-Assessor

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