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Renaissance College - About the CurriculumAt Renaissance College we use the Cambridge International Curriculum at IGCSE and A-levels for students from Grade 9. For our younger students we offer the CAPS curriculum in line with the NSC but with an emphasis on the skills needed to move comfortably on to the Cambridge curriculum.

As our mission is to facilitate the emergence of entrepreneurs, we have a broad base of subjects on offer. Our content falls into 5 broad learning areas:
Communication Skills, Business & Financial Skills, IT Skills, Thinking & Mathematical Skills, and Leadership & People Skills.

As of January 2018 we also offer a home schooling support option to students outside our local area. They can work at home and contact us via Skype for dedicated tutor time. This offers the student the flexibility of working at their own pace while still being guided by a qualified, experienced Cambridge tutor. This option is geared for home school students who need extra assistance with the Cambridge International curriculum.

Subjects currently offered in the full-time curriculum

The content for all our subjects is based on the Cambridge International Syllabus as well as the applicable courseware from the South African National Senior Certificate syllabus for Grade 8 & 9

Communication Skills

These skills include written language, spoken language and body language as well as public speaking, business presentation skills and negotiation skills.
The subjects: English, Afrikaans

Business and Financial Skills

Being an entrepreneur in the global market will be a key advantage to students leaving Renaissance College. We will include business and personal finance as well as wealth creation and asset management.
The subjects: Choices from… Business Studies, Accountancy.

Information and Communication Technology

The use of computers is vital to the success of the next generation. We believe that each student should have a good grounding in computer skills.
The subjects: Choices from… Information & Computer Technology, Computer Science.

Thinking Skills and Mathematical Skills

In most schools thinking skills are not actively taught. However, there are specific skills required to become a creative and innovative thinker. Cambridge has a subject called “Thinking Skills” which all of our students will be put through. They do not need to write this as an external exam as it is not currently recognised by USAf as a matric subject.
The subjects: Choices from… Mathematics Core or Extended

Leadership Skills

While there are no examinable subjects offered in leadership development, we will concentrate on developing personal and inter-personal skills with the students. They will participate in leadership development programmes. Working in productive teams is a requirement of many jobs today, yet the skills needed to be effective are not necessarily natural to us. Therefore team work and co-operative learning will be encouraged amongst our students, alongside individual projects.

Additional Electives

Our students will be offered the following subjects as elective subjects. These will be facilitated by our staff alongside the above learning areas.
The subjects: Choices from… History, Geography, Physical Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Travel & Tourism, Environmental management

Extra-Mural Activities

We do not offer sport on campus but encourage our students to participate in sport outside the school

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